C17 Brand Stories | TOSTO Quickfire Pizza Pasta

TOSTO Quickfire Pizza Pasta – Richmond St. Store Opening

Pioneers // We have been working with TOSTO since they opened their very first store, which is located in Toronto. They are a pioneer in the fast-premium market serving the finest scratch-made pasta and freshest of Romano pizzas. It was only a matter of time before they opened their signature container doors in the Fashion District.

Creative Space // Our challenge with TOSTO was to create a visual impact that utilized the expansive space in this restaurant. The space in this location is massive and had the potential for beautiful graphics to wrap around the restaurant at eye level, but there was also a lot of real estate on the huge walls that spanned 30’ tall to the ceiling.

We aimed to drive traffic and awareness through physical mediums and create a visually sleek and stunning in-store experience. The impact needed to be huge, we used various graphics and substrates to help achieve the desired look and feel.


Dinner Time // Working with TOSTO on this new store was a great experience and we are glad that C17 was a part of this grand opening. TOSTO currently has 5 locations across the GTA. Be sure to check them out the next time you’re craving for some great pasta and pizza.

“We are thrilled with the work C17 has done to make our brand vision come alive in store and to help us tackle our ongoing challenge of continuing to attract, interest and excite our new and returning customers.” 

-Cat Chen (TOSTO Marketing Manager)

Precise Targeting // To help drive traffic and awareness to this new location, C17 executed a direct mail campaign that reached the surrounding neighbourhoods targeting their core demographic and specifically residential units.  This was a great way to distribute customized flyers (referred to as mailers) straight to TOSTO’s target audience, through the local area’s regular mail drop.  We suggested this opportunity to create an eye-catching and unique flyer that would land right in the homes of their target consumers.  By using Canada Post we were able to target households using both geography and demographics.  Once we reached the consumers and brought them into the store, the in-store experience would have photos from Italy blown up and printed on large fabric frames as anchor pieces that would lace around the store.

Final Look // To create the visual impact in-store, a variety of photos and images from the interior designer’s personal and professional collection were used. In the end, we produced and installed:

  • Seventeen framed photographs of various sizes in black and white hung on the wall.
  • Black & white fabric frames (5.25’w x 8.58’h) that protrude from the wall, 17mm thick.
  • Interchangeable magnetic menu panels (3’w x 8’h) to simplify menu updates.
  • One massive 29ft tall wall graphic (left) spanning an entire wall segment.
  • More recently, we installed a new colour 8’w x 5.4’h fabric wall frame at this location.

As for our ongoing projects with TOSTO, you can check out their C17 printed brunch and lunch menus, business cards and 24” x 36” easels, as pictured on this page.