C17 Brand Stories | Renin How-To Video

Renin Video

Think Happy Thoughts // Most of us can relate to the excitement home décor brings. We enter a space with fresh ideas and thoughts on how to make it ours; both stylistically and literally. Though tastes, budgets, and of course preference differ, the shared commonality is the intent to infuse character and colour to rooms, bringing our own personas to life.

Renin helps to bring spaces to life through their beautiful barn doors, available in a variety of sizes, finish, and colours. Ever since Renin invented the sliding mirror closet door in the 1960’s, they have been leading the interior design space through exceptional door design. These stunning sliding doors are well-crafted and enhance the presence of any room in the house, studio, and work environment.


Who Reads the Instructions Anyways // Okay, listen. You’ve bought this beautiful door, taken it home, and conveniently you have the time to put it up, amazing! You clean up the work space needed, unpack the product, and try to begin.

There’s only one problem: you don’t actually believe in following the instructions provided.

Stubbornly, you vagabond your way through but at a certain point, you get stuck. Looking around, at the mess you’ve now created, what did you do with those instructions? UGH! Now the frustration is mounting and all you wanted to do was make the space more of a pleasant experience, this isn’t how this was supposed to go.

No need to feel bad, we’ve all been there. The real question is: how can Renin make this part of the experience, after the sale, even better for the customer?


Video Killed the Radio Star // Renin wanted to see the brand set itself apart from industry competitors by providing high quality, informative videos that were of real value to end users. Together with their team, we worked to create a “How To” video that goes beyond the traditional steps of communication. To do this, we put our attention to keeping the concept simple, clear, and at a pace, that is easy to follow.

Speaking of Star // Meet Sabrina Smelko. C17 worked with Renin to secure Sabrina as the main talent for this video to further enhance credibility, entertainment, and clarity. Sabrina is a designer, as well as a tv host on the HGTV shows ‘Save My Reno’ and ‘Home to Win.’  With her keen eye for creativity and home design, Sabrina brought to the project her own character to enhance the special brand-space Renin aimed to craft.


Renin: How to Install a Barn Door // Harnessing the creative technical skills of Wild & Light behind the lens, C17 worked with Renin to help create a How-To video that was both engaging and entertaining. Collaboratively we worked on all aspects of the video including project planning, set creation, shoot days, post-processing, editing, revisions, and final cut delivery. With our dedicated team and a passionate client like Renin, we were able to ease the frustration of home improvement – one sliding door at a time.