C17 Brand Stories | Pfaff Motorsports

Team Vehicle Liveries


A Love For Speed // Anyone who has spent the time to get to know our team at C17media understands that we are die hard gear heads.  Knowing that, it will not surprise you that when the crew at Pfaff Motorsports offered us the opportunity to be a partner in their 2017 Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge campaign, we jumped all over it.


All Hands on Deck // After a couple short weeks, we got that oh-so familiar, last minute – rush phone call.  Mid afternoon on a Friday, the team’s Motorsports Manager Steve Bortolloti called us asking if we could wrap Scott Hargrove’s brand new 991.2 before they leave for testing on Monday!


Within moments, our design team was touching up last minute creative edits on the livery design.  Our production team was frantically cutting the graphics to size.  While our installers headed to Pfaff to prep the car for its new livery. We started off with a satin black base then accented the car with green and red gloss stripes to compliment the Castrol colours.  After a couple long nights, the car was complete, and on its way to Florida for its first test day later that week at Sebring International Raceway in Florida.


It’s a Team Sport // The Pfaff Motorsports team had a very successful test session and upon returning to Toronto we were to complete the livery for the rest of the team.  First up was a redesign on their 53’ hauler. The crew at Pfaff did a bit of team bonding and removed the existing livery to help prep the trailer.  We choose to keep it simple for this design, adding a few accent stripes and team partner branding along both sides of the trailer.

Once the hauler was complete, we turned our attention to Orey Fidani’s GT3 Cup Car.  After a couple of years in its currently livery, the “quick fixes” at the race track were starting to take a toll. This time Orey decided to go with a satin black finish with gloss yellow accents to integrate the Orlando Corporation logo.  This sounds simply enough, until you take a close look at the design.


TLC // Race cars tend to take quite a beating on the track, we knew right away that the smaller the decal we applied the greater chance it would rub off over time. To overcome this we decided to create every “dot” as a cut-out in the vinyl, instead of an overlaid piece.  The concept is simple enough, however with our intention to avoid any seams along the body this turned out to be a fairly complex installation. The final product looks incredible and pictures simply don’t do it justice.

Race to the Finish // The final car for the Motorsports team was a 2017 Audi R8. This vehicle is an OEM spec car and is used by Pfaff for their customer track days and promo events. Pfaff wanted to wrap the R8 in a Castrol livery and thought that carrying over the design from Hargrove’s Porsche would compliment it well. We took our previous design and our creative team made a few edits to ensure the livery flowed with the Audi’s aggressive body lines.

The Winnings // By the time we are writing this, the Pfaff motorsports team has already completed their first race at Sebring International Raceway and won 1st place with Scott Hargrove’s Castrol car. Fantastic job guys!