C17 Brand Stories | Panasonic Canada

Photo Realism Ad Project for the CF-54 Toughbook


The Meeting // As accounts people, we all know the feeling of a successful meeting with a prospective client.  There is a familiar feeling of excitement and anticipation in seeing how our value proposition aligns with the prospect’s needs.  When the right questions are asked, and better than expected responses are received, everything seems to fall into place.

After our initial face-to-face meeting with the B2B marketing division at Panasonic Canada, we walked out excited and ready for the challenge at hand. We had just discussed several projects, spanning multiple creative offerings here at C17, eager to show Panasonic what our team is all about.

As a boutique agency, the early stages of working with elite brands can occasionally be challenging.  The key is in taking the time to understand each other’s habits, expectations and timing.

Out of Nowhere // Several months later, we received an email from Panasonic Canada, informing us that an ideal project had come up allowing us to test out our relationship. Panasonic was launching a nationwide campaign for their CF-54 Toughbook, and needed a very quick turnaround for a custom product shoot. This came at a busy time for our team, but we were excited to move the relationship forward nonetheless.  Staying true to our values, we took the project on despite the tight deadline and amped ourselves up for the task.

The Challenge // The goal of the CF-54 Toughbook campaign was to target non-users of “rugged” or “semi-rugged” laptops, who were using consumer grade devices at the time. Panasonic wanted to show the benefits of a “semi-rugged” laptop, showcasing what it is able to handle vs. a consumer grade product.  The main industry sectors this campaign targeted include: utilities, field service, warehousing and manufacturing.

Our task // Create five highly detailed photo-realistic images to showcase the quality, construction, and durability of Panasonic’s new CF-54.  Images intended for use on the official Panasonic website as well as in various national campaign marketing materials.

We had several “themes of emphasis” to build the shots around based on the client’s requests, to highlight the product’s standout features:

  • Dirt/Dust repellent
  • Drops/Bumps/Shocks resistant up to 3 feet
  • Spill Resistant Keyboard
  • Outdoor/Sun (Sunlight readable screen)
  • Temperature resistant up to -40°C and +50°C

Our concepts // After some collaborative brainstorming and a few whiteboard sessions later, we came up with the following:

Image 1: Carpenter Tough

Theme / Emphasis: dirt and dust resistant, sunlight readable screen.

Image 2: Industrial Tough

Theme / Emphasis: dirt and dust resistant, practical use environment.

Image 3: Warehouse Tough

Theme / Emphasis: Drops, bumps and shocks. Simulate falling.

Image 4: Canadian Tough

Theme / Emphasis: cold temperature, water resistant, practical use.

Image 5: Everyday Tough

Theme/Emphasis: Spill resistant, bright sunlight, practicality.

The Process // Our concepts were approved! Now, we only had a few days to scout locations, create the storyboards, shoot, edit and produce the final photos for final concept delivery and brand review.


Crunch time // We are lucky to have a passionate and dedicated team here at C17.  This allowed us to commit to the tight timeline and produce the final images with ease.  Everyone pitched in and we definitely had some fun along the way.

The Result //

End Usage //

Where are we now? // Due to our team’s talent and hard work, we provided Panasonic with what they needed and “hit the mark” on our first project together. They now turn to us for many projects, from photography and videography, to graphic design and printed visual communications.

Panasonic is an amazing client. One we look forward to working with for years to come.


From the Client //

“When we approached C17 with the Toughbook Photo Realism project, we had a very aggressive target delivery date. Our team had a vision for this project and we were skeptical as to whether or not it could be completed on time and to our standard of quality. We put our trust into C17 and not only did they deliver on time, but they exceeded our expectations in quality, creativity and value for cost.

After the successful completion of the photo realism project, we were impressed with their overall work, attention to detail and customer service. The entire C17 team is always there to help, regardless of the scale or timing of project, and this is invaluable to my team. After working with the talented group for almost three years, I would highly recommend them!”

-Morgan Kovachis (Panasonic Marketing)