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Canadian Sport Compact Series

– Event Preparation –

Through It All // To put this year-after-year client into perspective, CSCS has just reached their 15-year anniversary and have turned to us since the very start of C17media. When C17 was just starting out, CSCS trusted us to complete and solve all of their print needs, website development, email campaigns, event setup, marketing, and planning.

Like Family // To be fair, we are a pretty tight-knit group of people, family, if you will, which makes the hard work and commitment even easierWe know that CSCS would not be possible without the large number of family and friends that feel a pull to help out with and volunteer at the event.  This makes it natural to put 110% into the preparation of these events, as if it were our own, to this day, CSCS Sundays are marked off in our team’s calendar.

Prep & Promo // Each event requires a variety of print products to help the day run smoothly. Items include banners, event programs, social media ads, tickets, flyers, lanyards, door cards, and windshield banners, to name a few.  Many of these items are prepared and printed prior to the season and can be used for all five events of the year, while those that are specific to each event are often printed only days before.

During this crunch time, C17 also sees a large number of competitors and the majority of sponsors stopping by for last minute projects. Ranging from full vehicle wraps, trackside banners, promotional print material or sometimes all they are after is a couple more tickets.

Down To The Wire (Again) // It just so happens, that this type of event means quite a bit of last minute printing and preparation.  This is a result of the registration process for drivers, as well as the necessity of providing each driver with personalized door cards for easier viewing by spectators and judges alike. Understanding this process allows us to plan our weeks accordingly, always making sure we get other projects completed early on for the slight flooding of CSCS prints to come as we near another track day.  We are grateful for this, as it has led to a true understanding of the time crunch some of our clients face, and the reasons backing their rush orders.

Bringing It All Together // The event days always seem to go by in a blur. We typically wrap up the last minute onsite installs late into the night and arrive at the track prior to 7am to get the day started. As hundreds of competitors and thousands of fans rush the front gates, we keep our fingers crossed for good weather and do our best to put on a show everyone will love!

Monday Morning // On the morning following an event, everyone walks in a bit slower and normally a bit burnt from the sun. With lots of talk about the good times the day before we now only have a few admin tasks such as posting results, editing the video and organizing photos.  Yet, sooner than expected it is time to get organized for the next event of the summer.