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Bespoke Online Ordering System for Marketing Collateral


Listen & Learn // CarrXpert initially connected with our team at C17media for the creation of marketing collateral for a new market reach. Impressing the client with our work led to the opportunity to connect and provide a better understanding of our capabilities for how we could help. We took this opportunity to truly listen and engage ourselves to meet their needs, overcome challenges, and assist in reaching their goals to ensure their ideal next steps.


C17 > Roadblocks // As a province based company, CarrXpert had their sights set for national expansion. The issue presented, was to determine a way to seamlessly connect franchises country-wide for marketing initiatives.  We all know how important first impressions can be, making it imperative that we made an impact with the initial launch.  Another concern was for regional managers to have the capability to track which franchisees were engaged and which locations might need some guidance.  Most importantly, each location would need to customize their collateral to their own specific brand so that their clientele within the community would still feel at home.

Unique yet Connected // Tailored specifically for CarrXpert, we set up an online store providing access to all the marketing collateral needed for new store openings, marketing promotions, and to replenish media. The portal, as we call it, serves as a hub for franchisees to reach out and order exactly what they need.  Some of the key features include:

  • Available online for 24/7 access
  • Approval system between managers and employees
  • C17 warehousing of stock items, including an inventory system that will automatically send orders at a given interval (i.e. every month) and re-stock as needed
  • Online live editing of products with text and images for custom creative
  • Automatic updates when orders are received, in production and shipped
  • Messaging system within each order between C17, franchisees, and managers

Fresh Start // To encourage the authentic look of the CarrXpert brand, we collaborated with the client to give each new franchise a credit which covered the price of a bespoke “Start-Up Kit”.  This ensured each location had everything they would need to truly feel part of the CarrXpert family.


Real Benefits // With real support from our account management and client services team we can assure that any and all changes required are done efficiently to ensure on-going engagement. Updates are completed live with no down time and all orders are saved for easy access. Editable items can be saved for simple re-ordering and users have the ability to message directly for any questions or for a custom quote if they need a product or solution that isn’t yet available. Regional managers even have the ability to go in and order on behalf of each of their franchisees to ensure visual communications are clear and consistent.


Solutions that Last // At C17 we are not interested in a onetime hit; we always choose to view the entire gamut from the client’s unique perspective while providing our own insight and experience. This approach allows us to work with clients like CarrXpert as partners, vertically growing towards similar goals.