C17media Online Portal

Over the past year, we have developed and improved one of our newest offerings, an online portal for use by marketing teams and franchisees from any industry.  We implemented this portal as a way to further enhance the high-level of customer service that we are known for, allowing clients to place and review orders at any time of day.

When adding any technology or automation into the mix, there is a risk of losing the personal interaction necessary for exceptional service, which is why we have a dedicated account manager for each client accessing the portal. The portal provides clients with ease of access, and the ability to order products after hours, often resulting in quicker turnaround times,  This also reduces the time spent on the client’s side when placing orders for items that are ordered on a regular or semi-regular basis.

The portal is ideal for clients who find they are ordering the same items on a regular basis, i.e. office stationery, business cards (editable live on the portal), coupons, folders, forms, decals etc.  It is fully customized to each client, as the products are pre-determined by the client and their account manager, and then made available online for quick and simple ordering.

We’ve seen great success for clients with multiple locations or franchises.  These companies use the portal, to allow each location to order their own items, with confidence that each location will be on-brand. In 2018 we will continue to grow this offering and are excited for the added features we will be introducing.